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bomex 2023

BOMA's National Building Excellence Summit

BOMA Edmonton is hosting a national, three day conference bringing together the best in commercial real estate. To promote this event they needed a landing page, and promotional materials



WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

bridge in Edmonton, Alberta
Bomex landing page on laptop screen

Landing Page

A static page that will promote the 2023 event, scheduled to go live before the 2022 conference in PEI, September 13-15, 2022. This page includes the following content:

  • Promotional Video
  • Sign up for BOMEX 2023 newsletter
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Bomex planning committee members


A poster to promote BOMA Edmonton’s signature drink, “The Northern Touch” was created for the BOMEX 2022 evening awards gala.

A postcard was created and distributed at the 2022 event to get people to sign up for the newsletter with a QR code and information on the back of the card to promote the scavenger hunt and prizes.

The team was not quite ready to start work on a new logo, so I traced the previous year’s logo with a slight variation on the design.

Northern Touch Poster
BOMEX post card front
BOMEX postcard back
bomex logo
bomex logo

Scavenger Hunt Graphics

As part of the promotional campaign to get the word out about next year’s host city, the committee planned a scavenger hunt with prizes that included registration packages, flights and car rentals. The hunt was created and managed through Scavify, a scavenger hunt app. I designed graphic banners to be used in the app. Bright, bold colours and patterns are meant to call for attention and create a sense of energy and fun.

Scavenger hunt banner
Scavenger hunt banner
Scavenger hunt banner
Scavenger hunt banner
Scavenger hunt banner