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An updated website was built with a unique look and feel that allowed us to use large scale photography. The result is an elevated, modern, mobile-responsive site that works beautifully across all devices.
Teebo digital web design mock up of acupuncture homepage, showing desktop and mobile views


The homepage for this handyman service required custom photos and added visual elements. The old site was assembled with a template, only using stock images to convey the experience of hiring someone through their platform. Because they wanted to show how customers could hire an expert on-demand, we arranged a photoshoot that would allow us capture them working together as part of the process in getting results done quickly.
Teebo digital web design mock up of acupuncture homepage

expanded colour palette & design elements

Colours: The client wanted to keep the turquoise and red from the original website, but was open to expanding their palette with two neutrals and two accents. The neutral colours are dark and light variations of the turquoise, leaning more towards blues. The complementary accent colour connects visually with luxurious materials like hardwood floors or leathers and warm lighting.
Assets: A hexagon tile pattern background is used to connect back splashes or tiling that you would see in a kitchen. The honeycomb pattern also adds a sense of balance, order and harmony. I selected a font to use as a visual element which speaks to the craftsmanship involved with home projects.


Teebo digital web design mock up of acupuncture Service and About pages

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