Teebo Digital

Kelly Maslen

Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Kelly Maslen, doula turned acupuncturist, needed help with her website and branding for her new business. Kelly has a warm and compassionate approach when connecting with her patients and it was important that the look and feel of her website reflect this experience to prospective clients.



KM website mockup
Kelly Maslen bio photo

Logotype & Colour Palette

The logo has a modern yet classic look with minimal serifs and curves. The font is simple but strong, link ancient carved lettering that conveys rich traditions, while still looking clean and sophisticated.

The sun is a key element in Chinese Traditional Medicine; the coral, cream and purple hues seen at sunset inspired the colour palette for the site. Lighting effects using these colours are also applied to the photography for a warm, glowy appearance.

sunset balance icon
sunset pain icon
sunset circulation icon

The Website

The homepage features beautiful, large-scale photography illustrating the client’s journey toward wellness and relief from pain. A photoshoot was out of scope for the project, so extra consideration went into selecting stock photography that conveys the attention given to each patient as well as a sense of relaxation and wellness during and after treatment.