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Metta Massage + Wellness

The client wanted to refresh her website and simplify some key content. We also refined the brand colors and added new photography to showcase the clinic’s gorgeous studio space in a heritage building in the Upper Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto.



Wix, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

iPad mock up showing Metta Massage website

New Colour Palette

The client was looking to expand on the colours in the logo but wanted to keep the overall tone very soft and feminine. 

Three shades of pink provide enough contrast but share the same pinky tones to create the soft, gauzy look the client wanted. The darker nude/pink colour also echoes the brick colour of the studio’s building exterior.

These colours combined with the chocolate in the logo, come together beautifully to convey the metta experience: a treat, well-deserved indulgence.

The Website

The client wanted to keep the website’s minimalist design to focus on the content and scheduling button. However, the content and layout needed to be refined/simplified, specifically on the treatments and team pages. 

She also wanted to feature hands with different open and welcoming gestures as symbolic of the experience of metta, or loving-kindness. Hands feature prominently in the photography and illustrations.

Metta Massage Homepage
Metta Massage treatments
Metta Massage Gift Card page
Metta treatment room and practitioner working with a patient
Metta practitioner cupping massage therapy